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Kishinev. Saleswoman of candles and icons in the Orthodox Church

05 march 2017

— Hi!

I really do not like being called a photographer. Although I miss when I'm don't shooting a long time. And almost always in my bag, one or two cameras. Usually a small digital "soap box" with a wide angle, and "canon 5d mII" with a 24-105mm lens. Sometimes i shooting with film cameras, but it's for only fun.

I tend to travel a lot. As much as I can. And looking for originality in the "day to day things".

I always open for invite to unusual events. Maybe theatrical, news, promotion, sports, fashion... etc events. I looking for interesting moments and peoples, i don't looking for money (I shooting for free).
Even if you're a member of any publications or media — if you think that you know something interested, write me email!

  • email: (most preferred method of contact, i always fast reply to emails)
  • photostream mirrors: flickr
  • my pages: facebook, vkontakte, linkedin, twitter, instagram — connect!
  • phone: +7 (915) 409 94 38 (please, use only if its very urgent)
  • Ukraine, Odessa. Flea market "Starokonka"
    04 october 2013
  • Russia, Saint Petersburg. Flea market "Udelnaya"
    21 august 2013
  • Ukraine, Lwow. Flea market
    21 july 2013
  • Ukraine, Lwow. Courtyard
    12 january 2013
  • Ukraine, Kiev. Flea market
    11 january 2013
  • Ukraine, Kiev. Group monuments on metro station "Dnipro"
    11 january 2013
  • Abkhazia, Sukhum. Girl in an abandoned train station
    26 september 2012
  • Abkhazia, Sukhum. Abandoned train station
    26 september 2012
  • Russia, Moscow. VVC, girl
    13 september 2012